Sunday, November 27, 2022

I Miss You

More substantial post tomorrow- assignment done for class. Miss my baby girl and boo boo (translation my dogs Buffy and Spike) I’d like to think they are watching over me and taking care of Mom.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

We missed you this weekend. It was J’s birthday party (littlest grandson), and everyone was there. The first time we had seen everyone since the pandemic. You know all of the extended family… I missed you. I know Steve missed you. It was weird.

I got an A+ on my last course at school. I cried. I wanted to call you and tell you how well I was doing, and that you inspire me to keep going even when it’s hard. I called Steve. I cried. He was thrilled for me, and all I could do was think of you.

I’m doing well in my current course, I like the professor and more importantly I’m learning from her. 

It snowed here, and I thought of how you hated winter. It’s cold. I finally get it. Ever since we lost Buffy I have lost the joy of snow. She really loved winter so much, now that she and Spike are gone I have kind of lost that sparkle and love for winter. Willow the princess she is won’t go outside if it’s cold, and Diesey well he takes two steps outside and runs back in. It’s not fun anymore and it’s has only just begun.

I’m not going to decorate for Christmas this year. I know you loved Christmas - and that is kinda why I’m not going to decorate. I have all the ornaments, and decorations… and I don’t want to face you not being here. Also we’re going to NB for the holidays to be with SiL’s family. He hasn’t been home to see family in over 5 years- so it’s time. It doesn’t make sense for us to decorate and then go away and take it down when we get back. 

You are always on my mind Mom, I wish you were here.

Love you muchly


Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sunday Sentiments


I am a relatively quiet person- rather introverted although if you meet me in public you would definitely wonder. Because of this I have a few really good friends, you can count them on one hand, and this week I sent them this along with heartfelt love messages. 

I love my friends and cherish them. After Mom died I have found myself entirely aware of how little time we have and I don’t want to waste a second. I want my friends (and family) to know how much I love them and how important they are in my life.

While I don’t know you all personally- I do want to thank you all for continuing to check in on us over here. Your comments and visits are loved and also cherished!  

My suggestion for the week is to take a moment and tell at least one person that you love them. Go ahead and make it weird. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Happy Birthday Morningstar

 Today would have been Mom’s 72nd Birthday.

Please celebrate as you would see fit, but if you wanted to have Chinese food and vanilla birthday cake in honour of Mom - she would have loved that.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sunday Sentiments

 Today I’m finishing up the final assignment for my course.

This is what my girlfriend sent me as motivation.
 I love her so much.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

The Things We Leave Behind

Edit: Sir WT (in the comments) referred to the Story of O dress that Mom had made - it was not in her closet, and I don't think we will ever find it to be honest I suspect that it was already donated previously.

For posterity I am adding a photo of it here:

This past weekend we went to Sir Steve's house and helped clean out Mom's things. I suspect that it is the first in a series of visits to help go through her things.

It was surreal to go through her jewelry and clothing, my sister, (not so) 'lil one and I had some good laughs and smiles as we were going through her things. Remembering moments with Mom, and there were no fights or arguments over who got what, or who wanted what.  It was all very civilized, but also sad.

As Sir Steve and (not so) 'lil one would pull out armfuls of clothes and we would go through them. My sister and I don't need more clothes, so we spent a lot of time telling (not so) 'lil one to try stuff on. By the end she had piles and piles of clothing, actually we all did, and the rest was bagged up to go to charity. Mom had great taste in clothing, and shoes - I like to think I got my taste in fashion from her. 

Here are a few things that I noted from the weekend:

  • (not so) 'lil one wearing one of Mom's sweater wraps that I had given her for Christmas. Mom wore it all the time. She offered it to me, but I said no that she should keep it and snuggle into it when she misses Mom. 
  •  I kept thinking about when I die, how many piles of clothing that will need to be sorted and donated. I have so many clothes, and shoes, and... and... It's going to take days to go through. 
  • That Mom can not be defined by a sum of the possessions she had. Over her last years she really had given away most of her stuff, Mom's legacy is really in the people that she left behind.
For those of you kinksters following the blog, I inherited a few "kinky items" from the closet... a leather lace up dress, a long black cape and a beautiful oriental corset which once I have laced up is going to be so awesome. 

I Miss You

More substantial post tomorrow- assignment done for class. Miss my baby girl and boo boo (translation my dogs Buffy and Spike) I’d like to t...